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Skylight Nha Trang

Ноябрь 20th 2019

𝑽𝒊𝒄𝒆 – Named one of “America’s Best DJs” will be in Nha Trang on November 24th.

Vice performs at the hottest clubs across the world to sold-out audiences. Inspired by his travels, Vice’s music has the distinct ability to take listeners around the world to iconic places such as Ibiza, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, and Hollywood. Most recently, his single, “Make Up” with Jason Derulo and Ava Max has amassed millions of streams and become a crowd favorite. By constantly reinventing and updating his music, Vice always remains one of the industries’ Top DJs and producers.

🎶 Don’t miss out on your chance to see one of the best to ever do it live in Asia:
• 22/11: Marquee Singapore, Singapore
• 23/11: Tazmania Ballroom, Hong Kong
• 𝟐𝟒/𝟏𝟏: 𝐒𝐤𝐲𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐍𝐡𝐚 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠, 𝐕𝐢𝐞𝐭𝐧𝐚𝐦
• 25/11: TAO Chicago, USA

Reserve your tables now for 𝑪𝑶𝑹𝑶𝑵𝑨 𝑺𝑼𝑵𝑺𝑬𝑻𝑺 𝑭𝑬𝑺𝑻𝑰𝑽𝑨𝑳 at Skylight Nha Trang next Sunday, November 24th featuring Vice!

Ноябрь 22nd 2019


We are honored to welcome a young talented mixologist, Mr. 𝑬𝒍𝒊𝒂 𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒕𝒕𝒊 who has a deep passion for bartender life. With 10 years of experience, Elia has worked in the top 10 best bars in the UK, learning and master his craft besides many leaders in the industry.

🍸 His poise and attitude even at a young age helping Elia to win many awards and became the Brand Ambassador of Lighthouse Indochina Vietnam.

Don’t miss out on this chance to enjoy one of his top signature cocktails whilst overlooking 360˚ of Nha Trang from Skylight on November 24th and November 26th.

👉 Book your VIP tables now because this event will SELL OUT

Октябрь 28th 2019

HALLOWEEN x ДЕНЬ МЁРТВЫХ 2019 совсем скоро!!! 🎭🎩

Skylight Nha Trang в ожидании самой необычной вечеринки HALLOWEEN x ДЕНЬ МЁРТВЫХ 2019, которая будет проходить с 31го Октября по 2ое Ноября:

• 31/10: Corona Sunsets – DJ Yen ft. MC Neo.
• 01/11: Day of The Dead – DJ Earwaxxx (Las Vegas, USA)
• 02/11: Day of The Dead – DJ TwoNoz x DJ No ft. MC TK

🎃 #TeamSKYLIGHT дарит подарки:

1⃣ Праздничный “МЭЙК АП” от нашей команды гримеров
2⃣ SELFIE с аниматорами
3⃣ СВОБОДНЫЙ ВХОД + КОКТЕЙЛЬ гостю в креативном костюме

🎃Не пропусти самую крутую вечеринку с подарками от Skylight Nha Trang!🎃
🥃Подарки от Jose Cuervo🥃
☠💃🏻 Russian GoGo💃🏻☠
🎶 Резиденты Skylight Nha Trang 🎶
👬 Mascots & Stilt walkers👬
🤡Команда гримёров🤡

🧟‍♀🧟‍♂Приготовьте костюмы для самого необычного Halloween в вашей жизни 💀 Октябрь, 31 – Ноябрь, 2💀

👉 Забронируйте стол заранее: https://skylightnhatrang.com/menu/

Сентябрь 26th 2019

Vietnam National Day 2019 x DJ Hoaprox ft. Thao Trang Singer

Thank you once again to DJ Hoaprox ft. Thao Trang Singer for celebrating Vietnam National Day with EDM Music Festival for us in #NhaTrang.

This wouldn’t have been possible without our partners from The Grey Goose, Corona. Let’s check out your amazing moments Hope to see you on our next event.

🎥 Fox aka Nguyễn Nhân
👉 Livestream Video: https://bit.ly/2k5b4QC

Июнь 25th 2019

Skylight 4 Year Anniversary ❌ Neon Carnival Festival

Skylight Nha Trang


Самое ожидаемое событие 2019 года! НЕОНОВЫЙ КАРНАВАЛ!
3 Июля, в среду, SKYLIGHT отмечает свой день рождения и приглашает Вас почувствовать атмосферу настоящего фестиваля с участием известных артистов Вьетнама!

• BigDaddy ft. Emily: лучшая пара исполнителей во Вьетнаме, известная своим видео “Muon Ruou To Tinh”, которая имеет более 100 000 000 просмотров на Youtube.

• Trang Moon DJ: знаменитая вьетнамская ди-джей, получившая титул “Лучшая девушка-диджей Азии” на конкурсе Korean Culture Entertainment Awards.

Не забудьте поделиться и отметить своих друзей. Мы готовы подарить Вам незабываемую атмосферу и много воспоминаний!

➖ Свяжитесь с нами сейчас, чтобы забронировать стол.

Skylight Nha Trang
☎ (+84) 258 352 8988
📧 rsvp@skylightnhatrang.com
→ skylightnhatrang.com
→ instagram.com/skylightnhatrang

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Май 29th 2019

Phillip & TK Birthday Party | DJ Phat Beatz x Belaire Takeover

Skylight Nha Trang

Thank you all for joining Phillip & TK’s Birthday at Skylight Nha Trang. We are very excited to host this special night with a private dinner on our pool deck, followed by champagne trains at our Rooftop Beach Club!

Who remember’s DJ Phat Beatz with the non-stop dance music? Thank you for blessing us with your presence. Please review our recap video below. 😍

Can’t wait to announce our upcoming event!!! Are you ready?


Skylight Restaurant

☎ (+84) 258 352 8988

📧 rsvp@skylightnhatrang.com

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