If you reserve a VIP table you can enjoy the benefits of having your own area to share with your family and friends.It also includes the entrance fee with express entry, a preferred table, a bottle or punch bowl of your choice, personalized service, and bottle presentation.

If you would rather come up to see the breathtaking views and have a drink at the bar, tickets are available at the Skylight lobby. Click here for more information.


* Bottle of Spirits only* Required minimum spend can change due to special events

VIP Sofa3 Bottles*Up to 15 Guests
Sofa2 Bottles*10 Guests
Standing table1 Bottles*6 Guests

To speak to a host directly, please call +84 258 352 8988 or email: [email protected]

    VIP Table Booking

    • Please fill out the form for a table request and one of our host will contact you promptly to confirm availability.
    • Reservations need to be made 3 hours in advance. Otherwise, please call us directly at +84 258 352 8988.
    • Submission of form does not guarantee a table. Please check your email for confirmation.
    • VIP Tables are held for only 15 minutes.
    • We recommend all guest order at our downstairs lobby and pay in advance to speed up service.
    • Don’t forget to let us know if you have any special request (birthdays, anniversary, etc).
    • See our special Birthday Decor Packages here.

    We suggest you come 15 minutes early so you can enjoy the panoramic 360˚ views of Nha Trang from our 360˚ Skydeck.

    See you soon!